Afterschool Goes Outdoors!

We are excited to offer a number of nature-based classes, all of which take place just steps away in Central Park. Students can spend an afternoon building a makeshift shelter, drawing a scenic view, or discovering the park’s many plant and animal species. While having fun in the fresh air, your student will develop a better understanding of nature, as well as a deeper sense of place and belonging. 

Some of the classes we have offered:

Bird Watching
Central Park is home to over 200 bird species, from the Ramble’s colorful warblers to the reservoir’s various waterfowl. With binoculars in hand, students will explore the park, identify and draw these many birds, and experience the multitude of wildlife living right here in the city.

Wilderness Survival
A comprehensive course on essential outdoors skills. The staff devise fun, kid-friendly lessons to teach first aid, basic orienteering, various knots, strategies to build campfires and shelters, and much more. By the end of the cycle, students will feel comfortable and in control no matter the nature setting.

This class offers students hands-on gardening experience coupled with the joy of bringing home the vegetables, herbs, and flowers they grow. Kids will roll up their sleeves every afternoon to prepare soil, plant seeds, and tend to a lush garden, as well as learn skills in food preservation and composting.

Students will learn to find their way in nature by using maps and compasses, and by picking up useful orienteering tips from the staff. Activities include short hikes, making their own maps, and even leading teachers to and from certain points within the park’s 800 acres.

Landscape Drawing
Students will capture the stunning views of Central Park while learning basics in perspective, color theory, and composition. Be sure to make space on your fridge, however, as kids get to bring home everything they draw.

Plant Life in Central Park
Students will learn to identify hundreds of tree and plant species in Central Park, as well as draw and label them in a notebook that will be kept throughout the course. 

Museum Milers
Exploration meets exercise as students take light jogs through Central Park. They will visit various museums along the way, including the Guggenheim and The Museum of Natural History.