Chess Tournaments

Tournament participation is an important element of a child’s development as a chess player. Not only are these events fun an exciting, tournaments also  increase children’s focus and deepen their interest in the game.  To promote the children’s participation, the Arts and Athletics chess coaches attend tournaments and review children’s games with them. 

P.S. 9 October Tournament

Sunday, October, 23 2022.

Click here to register. ( If you do not have an Arts and Athletics account you can register as a guest.)


P.S. 9 100 West 84th Street at Columbus Avenue

Nearest Trains: 1 train to 79th or 86th Street, B or C trains at 81st or 86th Street



  • K-1 Unrated – unrated players (4 rounds, no clock)
  • 2-5 Unrated – unrated players (4 rounds, no clock)
  • Reserve – USCF Under 900 (4 rounds, G/25 d5)
  • Advanced – USCF Over 900 (4 rounds, G/25 d5)

Tie-breaks: Modified Median, Solkoff. Perfect scores in any section will have a blitz playoff for first place with drawing of lots for colors.


All sections start at 10:00 a.m., please arrive by 9:30 a.m.

Arrivals after 10:00 a.m. will play the second round and receive a half point bye.

Players in rated sections should bring clocks and score sheets.

USCF membership is required for all sections, except Unrated.

Please bring a chess clock if you have one. If neither player has a clock, one will be used for the end of game at the tournament director’s discretion.



  • Trophies to top 5 in each section
  • Medals to top scorers



  • $45 – Registration Fee
  • $50 on site on Sunday, October 23rd, 2022 by 9:30

Online Registration:

If you do not have an Arts and Athletics account you can register as a guest.


Scholastic Membership:

You can purchase a scholastic membership for your child at the following link:

Covid Vaccination Policy: In order to enter the building with your child, you must show a valid ID and proof of vaccination at the front desk.

FOOD AND DRINKSnacks, drinks, and pizza available for purchase. Proceeds benefit the PS 9 PTA.

Contact Us: 212-621-9166,