Language and Literature

Language and Literature

Reading and writing are essential skills, useful both inside and outside the classroom. They also have the power to lead to a world of joy, imagination, and discovery, and we are excited to offer a number of classes that instill this type of love in the arts. Some of our literature courses include Creative Writing, Book Club, and School Newspaper, while our language courses cover everything from Spanish to French to Mandarin.

Some of the classes we offer:

Creative Writing

This class touches on all types of creative writing—fiction, non-fiction, poetry, playwriting, and more—so that students can discover the form (or forms) they love most. Through fun and unique writing exercises, students have the chance to create their own stories and poems each week, all in a stress-free and supportive environment led by experienced writers.

Book Club

Does your child enjoy books like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Charlie Bone? Well, we have the class for them! Students get to read an array of amazing books in this club, and, by reading them together, we will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the plot, themes, and characters.

French for Native Speakers

Children are introduced to the basics of French and, over time, become experts in the language through entertaining, hands-on games like acting out, singing, and doing art projects. All classes are led by our fluent and experienced staff.

American Sign Language

This class teaches kids the ins and outs of American Sign Language, from the alphabet to colors to the names of everyday objects. In small group settings, the students partake in educational games and fun, participatory lessons.


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