Academic Support and Study Time

Study time s a cornerstone program at Arts and Athletics, allowing students to work alongside peers and educators in a peaceful and supportive environment.

These eighty-minute sessions help students to complete their assignments and constructively bridge the time between school and home—but the benefits don’t stop there. We view study time as a space to maximize a child’s academic, intellectual, and personal growth.

Our educators are well-versed in Common Core standards and take immense care in reinforcing concepts learned during the school day. In a small group setting, children can look up from their textbooks to see a teacher offering guidance and encouragement, as well as nearby friends concentrating on the same problems. Such an intimate academic environment not only enables students to master their work but develop social-emotional skills, like leadership, self-confidence, communication, and responsibility.

We even find ways to productively fill these eighty minutes after all the homework is finished. Whether it’s our kindergartners, who don’t have homework until mid-year, or older students who have completed all their assignments, children can expect to be engaged with stimulating, developmentally appropriate activities such as read-alouds, drawing, and cooperative games. These activities further promote academic, intellectual, and social development while also cultivating a happy association with school and homework. 

With study time, we strive to enrich every child on an individual basis, both inside and outside the classroom.

For Parents

Between the school day, extracurricular activities, time with friends—and whatever else your child manages to squeeze into the schedule—Study Time becomes an essential space for students to slow down and decompress. Working at their own pace with a patient and skilled teacher, Study Time offers and calm and meditative break from the bustle and the stress and the mountain of assignments. A break that carries over into the home. Children leave school happy to have finished their homework. Parents welcome their kids home, happy as well, the evening now free to enjoy with the family.  

While some people initially begin Study Time as a way to fill the time between early-session enrichment classes and end-of-day pick up, many of our families re-enroll in the program, feeling that it is an invaluable time in their child’s day. In fact, the majority of our afterschool participants enroll in Homework Help at some point over the years, excited to return with each new cycle.

For Educators

Every program at Arts and Athletics creates its own unique space for the students. One day, a child might partake in our invigorating sports programs; the next, they could be in a tech-focused class, like Coding or Robotics, filled with imagination and discovery.

Our Study Time teachers seek to cultivate a special atmosphere as well. It is a calm environment where students can focus on their work, ask questions, and feel free to make mistakes until, suddenly, they grasp a new idea.

Study Time is also a place for students to develop various abilities on their own, things like academic habits, social skills, and more. By experiencing the joy and fulfillment that comes from mastering something—geometry, cello, whatever it may be—children uncover for themselves what works and what doesn’t, what they love and what they don’t. They learn to fill their time productively, solve complex problems, and seek new modes of thought. They grow in ways that stay with them long after they leave afterschool. And this all starts with the experience, diligence, and care of our educators. 

Other Academic Support Offerings

In addition to study time during afterschool hours, Arts and Athletics also has a strong team of teachers, tutors, and advisors to support children in all aspects of their school pursuits.

High School Bound

College Bound