Sports and Physical Activity

Sports and Physical Activity

Our emphasis across all of our sports and physical activity offerings is to promote physical fitness, develop skill and agility, and teach life skills such as sportsmanship and team play. Classes may include Kickball, Softball, Soccer, Running, Martial Arts, Yoga, Fencing, Tennis, Inline Skating, Playground Games. While our classes are not designed to be highly competitive, children nevertheless get a great workout.

Some of the classes and programs we offer:

Running Starts and Track and Field
Running is one of our favorite afterschool activities. (Click here to learn more.) Central Park, just one block to the east, is the site of a road racing event almost every week. And it’s our home course! The aim and focus of our running coaches is to make launch the children’s lifetime enjoyment of this amazing activity. Children will cover a couple of miles each time out, but it’s always done as a playful adventure. Let’s run to that bench. Who will lead as we run this hill? Maybe we should do a relay next! We want children to develop skill and fitness, for sure, but we also want them to develop positive associations with the activity so that they will come back to through their lives.

Selected Sports 
An assortment of playground sports and physical activity- soccer, tennis, baseball, kickball, you name it. Individual and team challenges are designed to invigorate, enthuse, and engage students.

Basketball class offers children a non-competitive environment in which to learn basketball skills and techniques. Focus, teamwork, and sportsmanship are among our core values.

Yoga for Kids emphasizes playfulness and mindfulness. Children are introduced to yoga practice through a variety of poses, breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as games and exercises