Private Music Lessons

Private Instruction

Instrumental music lessons (piano, guitar, violin, and voice) are offered at PS 84 and PS 166 between 3:00 and 6:00. Lessons are 30 minutes long. The price for a block of 10 lessons in $500.

Lesson schedule: Because all students progress at their own pace, the lesson schedule is independent of the regular afterschool cycles for Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Once a student approaches the end of their block of ten lessons, families will be reminded to purchase another block.

Cancellation policy: If a student is unable to make it to a scheduled lesson, we ask that parents inform us 24 hours in advance so that another student can be scheduled for the time-slot and the teacher doesn’t travel to school unnecessarily. Missed lessons will be charged.

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Seikai Ishizuka, Piano
Eustace Johnson, Piano
Abigail Karr, Violin
Randall Klitz, Guitar, Piano, and Rock Band!