Technology and Design

STEM and Coding Camp–Summer 2019

Click here to learn more about this summer tech camp hosted by Ms. Jenny Sora at PS 166. The camp spans two weeks and you can sign up for both weeks or just one.

Increasing in popularity every cycle is our STEM offerings which challenge students to observe closely and then “program” events in the real world.

Some Other Classes We Offer:
In Lego Robotics (grades 3-5) and LittleBit (grades 1 and 2), students build vehicles, devices, and creatures that can then be programmed to act in pre-determined ways. It’s loads of fun and serves as a powerful introduction to computer programming and design.

Lego Mindstorms
Students learn to create and program in the real world with Lego Mindstorms. Students will design, build and program robots to follow their specific instructions. This class is loads of fun while also being mentally challenging.

Computer Animation
Students take advantage of Flash MX as they learn the basics behind computer/web animation. The class begins with learning the fundamentals of animating shapes and text and concludes with more complex projects using the Flash programming language ActionScript. By the end of the cycle, students should have a grasp on some user-interactive elements of Flash. (Basic computer skills needed)

Computer Coding at PS 166 gr K-1
Students will learn coding concepts and principals and apply them in a fun way! Students will use an online program called Tynker. Kids will be engaged with interactive learning modules, mini-games, coding projects, and puzzles.