E-Learning with Arts and Athletics

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Arts and Athletics is evolving to address the needs of our community. Over the past three months, that has meant to developing a library of videos and distance learning courses that would be accessible to children from their homes. While we expect that in-person afterschool and childcare will resume hopefully in September, we also recognize that our e-learning tools will have a role to play in carrying out our mission from now on.

In two very concrete ways, the availability of web-based educational tools is an issue of social justice. Internet based instruction can be shared and made accessible to many more students than those who attend our neighborhood schools. We want to make these valuable resources available to them as well.

Furthermore, the foundation of all of our work in providing enrichment opportunities is that we empower children to the extent that we promote their curiosity and love of learning. If they experience the feeling of wanting to know or be able to do something, then they have a powerful tool for facing life’s challenges. Our online instruction resources can put them in charge of their own learning.

We are committed to providing high quality material and provided guidance where possible and appropriate. But our goal is ultimately to encourage children in their desire to learn and grow. We hope that this site helps in that process.