On-Site Afterschool Spring and Fall

Children are returning to in-person school five days a week and we’ve received a lot of inquiries about resuming on-site afterschool programming as well.

Registration is now open for Spring Cycle “B” which will go from Monday, May 17th to Friday, June 25th. We are currently offering classes outdoors and online, and we are prepared to offer a number of classes in the school buildings as well, if we are able to secure permits.

Over the last year, permits to operate our afterschool program haven’t been available, and we’ve been working behind the scenes to advocate for the old policy. A number of parents have written letters of support, letting the Department of Education know how important afterschool is for them as working parents.

The NYC DoE calendar for next school year has just been publish, so we will begin to set up registration next fall afterschool as well. Here’s the link to the school calendar for 2021-22.