Camilo Molina’s Trumpet Academy

Hi Everyone! Mr. Camilo here!

I work with Arts and Athletics wearing a number of different hats, ranging from teaching outdoor classes and coaching soccer, one of my passions, to teaching trumpet, which is my other great passion!

Since October 2023, I have been the daytime trumpet teacher at PS 9, working with groups of 4th graders in classes 234, 238, and 240, as they discover this most awesome and fascinating instrument. And, by the way, they are working hard and making amazing progress.

This summer we will launch our summer instrumental music camp, running for eight weeks from July 1 to August 23, from 9 to 5. Each day students will have two 2.5 hour blocks of music and they are certain to learn a lot and have lots of fun! Click for details!

What an event!!! On Wednesday, May 22nd, all of our 4th grade instrumental music students (including trumpet, clarinet, violin, and percussion) showed off their chops in an end-of-year concert. Just so you know, the pieces they performed can be viewed and reviewed in the practice portal links below. (If you have any trouble viewing the content, paste the link into a different browser. Safari should work, but Chrome and Firefox can as well.)

Class 4-234 (Wednesdays 8th period): Imperial March Listening assignment

Imperial March as played by the students of class 4-234

Class 4-238 (Mondays 8th period): Duke’s Place –Bb Blues

Duke’s Place performed by class 4-238

Class 4-240 (Mondays 7th period): When the Saints Go Marching In

When the Saints Go Marching In played by class 4-240

Feel free to check out the lessons for the pieces the other classes are working on. And remember that additional practice (supervised by me!) is available during afterschool hours in Study Time Jam at no extra cost.

And note that registration is now open for Summer Camp where we’re looking to make huge progress in our playing!

Email for more information.