Technology and Design

Increasing in popularity every cycle are our STEM offerings which challenge students to observe closely and then “program” events in the real world. Our underlying philosophy is to empower children in their use of information technologies by pulling back the curtain and allowing them to shape those interactions themselves.

Technology can have on learning and motivation.  It might look like game playing to many, but coding is more about a way of thinking and problem solving, and engaging more deeply with the learning process.  Coding teaches students the process of solving problems in a systematic way. Through the years, coding has become a big part of the curriculum, and we aim to use it to promote student growth and development. 

To learn more about our coding teacher, Ms. Jenny Sora, click here!

Computer Animation and Design
Rather than using technology for its own sake, these classes aims to equip children with a set of tools to take their creativity in new directions. Tech classes include web design, photoshop, filmmaking, and game design…

Lego Robotics (grades 3-5) and LittleBit (grades 1 and 2) challenge students to build vehicles, devices, and creatures that can then be programmed to act in pre-determined ways. It’s loads of fun but it also serves as a powerful introduction to computer programming and design.

Typing Time
As our students enter the middle grades–5-8–they will be required to complete longer type-written assignments. Software installed on our after-school computers can make learning to type much quicker, more efficient, a lot more fun.