Dr. Jenny Sora, EdD

Educational Technology Specialist

Hi everyone!  My name is Jenny Sora.  I am the technology teacher at PS 166.  I have been a technology teacher for over ten years and prior to that taught fifth grade, third, and sixth grade.  After receiving a degree in educational technology, I began teaching K-5 students in technology. 

I learned to appreciate the power technology can have on learning and motivation.  Through the years, coding has become such a big part of the curriculum.  It might look like game playing to many, but coding is more about a way of thinking and problem solving.  It teaches students the process of solving problems in a systematic way.  Since the stay-at-home orders and online school began, I have learned new ways to teach students remotely. 

Through Arts and Athletics, I wanted to share tutorial videos on the many different coding sites you can use.  Sometimes students may give up or get frustrated with a level or just the overwhelming content with the websites.  The shared tutorial videos break down the complexity and I am always here for online support through emails (jennysora@me.com).

The following are the links for the coding sites and tutorial videos to help your child get started.  Some do require a paid subscription.

Code Monkey Grades K-5

Kodable Grades K-2

Scratch Grades 3-5

Code for Life Grades 2-5

Vidcode Grades 3-5

Aside from coding–Arts and Design