Outdoor Fitness Fun- Middle School

Coach Michael and Coach Erving have been teaching sports and fitness classes with our artsandathletics afterschool program for the last two years. This winter they are offering two outdoor middle school fitness classes in central park. See below for descriptions and updates and newsletter links.

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This class is a special fitness focused class for middle school students. This class is designed to cultivate our middle schoolers’ athletic ability—both physical dimensions and mental ones. In doing so, we’ll include activities like parkour, agility obstacle courses, track and field exercises and flag football just to name a few. We’ll also measure speed and strength at the start of the class in hopes that we improve by the last class meeting.

Outdoor Fitness Fun- Wednesdays & Thursdays 3:00-4:30pm

Our instructors encourage their athletes to increase their mental focus, their understanding of the principles of training, and their commitment to consistent effort. By improving the physical and mental components together, we set the students on a path to lifelong fitness and better health.

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