Emergency Coverage and Cancellation Policies

Missed/Canceled Classes

In the rare event that outdoor programs are canceled due to weather, we offer the flexibility to schedule make-ups when available. Please contact your site supervisor to schedule a make-up class.
In the event of a city-mandated shutdown, we’ll provide credits to your afterschool account, reflecting the number of missed days.

Arts and Athletics is committed to helping the community and supporting our families and we understand that there are occasions when parents need emergency coverage on days when their child is not enrolled. To offer that flexibility while still avoiding chaotic and unsafe situations we have established a set of guidelines.

Emergency coverage is available at a cost of $60 per session and arrangements must be made with your site supervisor in advance to verify that there is space. Of course, it isn’t always possible to give a lot of advanced notice, but please call before dropping in. We want to ensure that we have adequate staff at all times.

Families are generally limited to two emergency coverage days per cycle.


Children will be dismissed one at a time in a designated area in Central Park to limit close contact between parents and staff. We ask parents/guardians to maintain social distancing by remaining at least 6 feet from the pick-up area and staff.

  • Pick Up Time: Pick up time is to be completed by 5:00pm. If you are planning on picking up early, please let us know in advance to coordinate pick up in the park.
  • Pick UP Locations:
  • PS 9:  85th Street and Central Park West
  • PS 166: 93th Street and Central Park West
  • PS 84: 96th Street and Central Park West

Visit the web page for a map and other details about our pickup locations.


We cannot accommodate late pick up at this time, so we kindly ask that all children be picked up by 5pm at the designated pick up location.


Children who attend the outdoor afterschool programs are expected to participate in all planned activities. In rare cases, severe weather conditions may require programming to be canceled. For example, thunderstorms, heavy rain, sleet, excessive snow, high winds, or extreme cold (under 30 degrees or higher than 100 degrees) or state emergency. In certain circumstances, we may adjust activities, encourage early pick up, or in some cases cancel programming for the day.

A weekly newsletter will be sent to the parents with weather forecasts and recommended materials and attire for the children, so parents can plan for the week. As you send weather appropriate clothing, please remember to label all clothing as hats and gloves tend to be shed as children warm up and we don’t want items to get lost or mixed up.

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