Chess Online

The Arts and Athletics chess faculty are offering chess instruction for all levels via zoom. There are currently multiple sections for Levels 1, 2, and 3 at various times throughout the week. Descriptions of the three levels are provided at the bottom of this page.

  • Level 1 with Coach Miguel on Thursday (3:00 to 4:15) Link
  • Level 1 with Coach Cameron on Friday (4:30 to 5:30) Link
  • Level 2 with Mr. Garcia and Tuesday (3:00 to 4:15) Link
  • Level 2 with Coach Cameron on Friday (2:45 to 4:00) Link
  • Level 3 with Ms. Krush on Monday (3:00 to 4:15) Link
  • Level 3 with Mr. Garcia on Wednesday (3:00 to 4:15) Link
  • Level 3 with Ms. Krush on Thursday (3:00 to 4:15) Link

Our Instructors

Fun for Everyone!

Chess is both fun and challenging. Studying chess will help children to develop intellectual skills, sportsmanship, and their ability to focus. Chess has a long history and tradition and our players are able to tap into that community through our world-class coaches and the tournaments they participate in.

Determining Your Child’s Level

To determine the appropriate level for your child, please start by reading thought the descriptions below. You can also contact Sayeed Ramnath who can help you to coordinate with the coaches.

Level 1: Beginners.  Those brand new to chess or those students who might know how the pieces move but have yet to delve into strategy.  Those who have never played in a tournament or have a rating level of approximately 100–300 ELO.  (Note–those parents who have kids brand new to chess are strongly encouraged to first teach their child the very basic rules of how the pieces move and purchase a chess board for the home before signing up for this class)

Level 2: Intermediate.  Those students who have some experience in the game and may have played a few tournament games.  Those who have some understanding of tactics and basic opening development.  Those comfortable with delivering checkmate in basic winning positions.  Approximate rating level of 300–900 ELO.

Level 3: Advanced.  Those students who have a solid tactical foundation.  Those students who have tournament chess/team experience.  Those students who are familiar and comfortable with strategic discussions, evaluating and planning, and have a decent base of opening and endgame strategy.  Approximate rating level of 900 and up.