Enrichment programs at PS 9

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Performing Arts

A cornerstone of Arts and Athletics programming, the performing arts help students to develop poise and confidence in performance — foundations for future success and enjoyment!

First Steps to Musical Theater at PS 9 gr k-1
Students learn the basics of musical theater: dancing, singing, and acting. Engaging in age-appropriate theater activities, students practice learning dialogue and staging and presenting their work to an audience.

Musical Theater Skills at PS 9 gr 2-3
This Winter Cycle Jeff Edmond will direct the theater students in Snow White. Students will sing, dance, and learn all about putting on a show. This class goes to 5:15 pm.

Encore! Musical Theater at PS 9 gr 4-5
This Fall and Winter, Jeff Edmond is directly his players in the Broadway classic, Guys and Dolls. Great songs, great dancing….what more could you want? The full performance will be staged in March!

Dance Workshop at PS 9 gr 2
A combination of structured and improvisational activities, students learn body awareness, balance, locomotion, shape, and coordination. They will work together to co-choreograph a dance for an end of the cycle performance.

Technology and Design

Increasing in popularity every cycle are our STEM offerings which challenge students to observe closely and then “program” events in the real world.

Computer Animation and Design at PS 9
Rather than using technology for its own sake, this class aims to equip children with a set of tools to take their creativity in new directions. Future tech classes may include web design, photoshop, filmmaking, and computer coding…

Robotics at PS 9
Lego Robotics (grades 3-5) and LittleBit (grades 1 and 2) challenge students to build vehicles, devices, and creatures that can then be programmed to act in pre-determined ways. It’s loads of fun but it also serves as a powerful introduction to computer programming and design.

Typing Time at PS 9 gr 4-5
As our students enter the middle grades–5-8–they will be required to complete longer type-written assignments. Software installed on our after-school computers can make learning to type much quicker, more efficient, a lot more fun.


Daytime chess at PS 9 offers all children in the early grades the chance to learn the basics of this great game. For those students who would like to take their game to the next level, Arts and Athletics offer afterschool chess featuring instruction by Grand Masters and National Champions.

Chess Team or Chess Beginner at PS 9 gr 1+
Chess masters Raul Marquez and Oscar Garcia teach children about chess tactics, strategy, and philosophy as they prepare to compete at tournaments at the local, state, and national levels. Tournaments are optional but they are a lot of fun and an excellent way to accelerate the learning process.

To support our students’ development in chess, we will host two chess tournaments during the school year–one in the fall and one in the spring (Dates to be announced). In addition to our “home” tournaments, children can take part in other local events around the city.

Language and Literature

Arts and Athletics language and literature offerings include an array of fun and challenging classes that use and develop academic and intellectual skill in a fun and relaxed environment. Classes may include language study in Spanish, French, Mandarin. Other activities that cultivate our students’ love of the written word are Creative Writing, School Newspaper, and Book Club.

Book Club at PS 9 gr 2-5

Creative Writing at PS 9 gr 2-5
Poetry…fiction…creative writing: this class is designed for students to have fun, meet new friends, and experiment with writing.

 French for Native Speakers at PS 9 gr K-5
Children are introduced to and become familiar with basic French through fun, participatory games like acting out, singing, and doing art projects.
American Sign Language at PS 9 k-2
Children will learn the basics of American Sign Language, including the alphabet, colors, and the names of everyday objects.

Sports and Physical Activity

The emphasis in our athletics department is to promote physical fitness, develop skill and agility, and teach life skills such as sportsmanship and team play. These are just a few of our offerings.

Fencing late session at PS 9 gr 2-8
All levels are welcome and all equipment provided.

Selected Sports at PS 9 gr K-1
An assortment of playground sports and physical activity- soccer, tennis, baseball, kickball, you name it.

Softball with Ethel at PS 9 gr 2-5
Children will practice basics of softball (throwing, catching, etc.) as fun drills and then play a game together.

Running Starts at PS 9 gr 2-3
Running Starts develops skills for running and the sport of track and field.

Lively Skills

Some programs can’t be categorized as arts or athletics and yet are among the best examples of Arts and Athletics afterschool sensibility. These classes may include cooking, gardening, and ecology.

Cooking–Cooks and Books at PS 9 gr K-1
A hands-on/minds-on cooking class where young chefs will learn to follow a recipe, measure carefully, and enjoy tasting new foods and flavors. Each class will include a children’s story that has food as a central ingredient.

Cooking–Italian-American Foods at PS 9 gr 3-5
Longtime afterschool cooking teacher Liz Seelhof will introduce children to a range of culinary skills as they create a number of small plate food items. It should be loads of delicious fun!

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