Enrichment programs at PS 166

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Performing Arts

A cornerstone of Arts and Athletics programming, the performing arts help students to develop poise and confidence in performance — foundations for future success and enjoyment!

First Steps to Musical Theater  at PS 166 gr k-2
Students learn the basics of musical theater: dancing, singing, and acting. Engaging in age-appropriate theater activities, students practice learning dialogue and staging and presenting their work to an audience.

Musical Theater Review at PS 166 gr 3-5
Improvisation, singing, dancing, theater games, and an end of cycle performance! With exercises for technique and skills, students develop as individual performers within a group. Jeff Edmond and Kas Graves teach.

School Play at PS 166 gr 4-5
Hairspray, JR. runs from 3pm-5:30 pm and is a two-cycle commitment for both winter and spring cycles. You can’t stop the beat in this big and bold adaptation of the Tony Award-winning musical about one girl’s inspiring dream to dance and change the world!

Tap, Hula, Ballet, Irish Step, hip-hop gr k5
There are so many forms of dance offered at PS 166!

Technology and Design

Increasing in popularity every cycle are our STEM offerings which challenge students to observe closely and then “program” events in the real world. Here are a few of the technology and design classes we offer at  PS 166.

Lego Mindstorms at PS 166 gr 3-5
Students learn to create and program in the real world with Lego Mindstorms. Students will design, build and program robots to follow their specific instructions. This class is loads of fun while also being mentally challenging.

Computer Animation at PS 166 gr 3-5
Students take advantage of Flash MX as they learn the basics behind computer/web animation. The class begins with learning the fundamentals of animating shapes and text and concludes with more complex projects using the Flash programming language ActionScript. By the end of the cycle, students should have a grasp on some user-interactive elements of Flash. (Basic computer skills needed)

Computer Coding at PS 166 gr K-1
Students will learn coding concepts and principals and apply them in a fun way! Students will use an online program called Tynker. Kids will be engaged with interactive learning modules, mini-games, coding projects, and puzzles.


Daytime chess at PS 166 offers all children in the early grades the chance to learn the basics of this great game. For those students who would like to take their game to the next level, Arts and Athletics offer afterschool chess featuring instruction by Grand Masters and National Champions.

Beginner Chess at PS 166 gr K-5
Beginner Chess is offered twice per week. Interested student may sign up for one or the other…or both if they just can’t get enough!

Chess Int-Adv at PS 166 gr K-5
Chess Team is offered twice per week, Tuesday and Friday, until 5:00 p.m. Children who are invited by the coaches are asked to attend both.

To support our students’ development in chess, we will host two chess tournaments during the school year–one in the fall and one in the spring. In addition to our “home” tournaments, children can take part in other local events around the city.

Language and Literature

Arts and Athletics language and literature offerings include an array of fun and challenging classes that use and develop academic and intellectual skill in a fun and relaxed environment. Classes may include language study in Spanish, French, or Mandarin. Other activities that cultivate our students’ love of the written word are Creative Writing, School Newspaper, and Book Club.

Heroes’ Greek Mythology at PS 166 gr K+
Apollo, Athena, Poseidon, and Zeus–Learn the stories that make up the rich tradition of Greek Mythology.

Creative Writing at 166 gr 2-5
Poetry…fiction…creative writing: this class is designed for students to have fun, meet new friends, and experiment with writing.

Book Club with Ms. Johnson at PS 166 gr 3-5
Do you enjoy books like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, or Charlie Bone? In this club, we will study books that are similar to beloved series, and dive into the books through activities geared to get a deeper understanding of the characters

Sports and Physical Activity

Our emphasis across all of our sports and physical activity offerings is to promote physical fitness, develop skill and agility, and teach life skills such as sportsmanship and team play. Classes may include Kickball, Softball, Soccer, Running, Martial Arts, Yoga, Gymnastics, and Playground Games. Our classes are not designed to be highly competitive, but the children will get a great workout!

Gymnastics Early at PS 166 gr K-2
This class introduces students to the basics of gymnastics.

Sports Sampler Late at PS 166 gr K-2 or 3-5
Sports Sampler introduces an assortment of playground sports and physical activity including soccer, tennis, baseball, and kickball.

Basketball at 166 at PS 166 gr K-2 or 3-5
Basketball class offers children a non-competitive environment in which to learn basketball skills and techniques. Focus, teamwork, and sportsmanship are among our core values.

Floor Hockey/Flag Football at PS 166 gr 3-5
Flag Football is all of the fun of football with minimal contact. Students will learn proper throwing and catching mechanics as well as language and rules of the game.

Lively Skills

Some programs can’t be categorized as arts or athletics and yet are among the best examples of Arts and Athletics afterschool sensibility. These classes may include cooking, gardening, ecology, nature, and planting.

Science Experiments at PS 166 gr K-1, 2-4
What sinks and what floats? What makes a ball bounce? What is the stuff around us made of?

Game Show Group at PS 166 gr 3-5
Do you want to power up your brain? Come on Down! …and join Ms. Chiarelli’s Game Show Group! This is a great opportunity to challenge yourself while engaging with friends!

Engineering Games 1 with Ms. Seiden at PS 166 gr 1-2
In this class, students will work with various tools such as blocks, connectors, and building sets! And, for those who like to draw, they will have the opportunity to illustrate prototypes of what they would like their creation to look like.

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