Adult Classes @ 88th Street

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Our new studio space at 88th Street is ideal for dance, music, yoga, book groups, and writing workshops, and other programs for adults.

We currently offer yoga and dance classes for adults, but we are working to expand our class offerings to include writing groups, workshops, partnered dance classes, and more!

Pricing and Details:

Adult classes are $25 per class, or $200 for a ten class pack

Monthly memberships for adult classes are coming soon! Check back for more info.

Open Level Vinyasa Yoga: Vinyasa means linking breath and movement. Experience a deep sense of connection as you harmonize mind and body energies with breath awareness. Sequences are varied, however vinyasa is generally a more dynamic and athletic approach to yoga. Yoga, including vinyasa, teaches your body how to mitigate the stress response by using breath and mental focus. Vinyasa is particularly effective at reducing stress and anxiety because you, as a practitioner, are encouraged to focus on breath and bodily sensations.

Adult Basic Tap: Tap Dance is taught by veteran dancer, choreographer, and director, Jeff Edmond. This class immerses students of all experience levels in basic tap dance technique and Broadway dance style choreography.  Students should wear comfortable clothing and bring hard sole or tap shoes.