Summer Media Fest with Jeff Edmond

Over the past several months we have all become great consumers of media. In order to develop a critical perspective on that material, Jeff Edmond is offering his video production workshop for five weeks this summer.

Each week (Monday, July 6th to Friday, August 7th) students will examine a different topic or approach to video production. Students will think up new and interesting ways to tell their own stories.

Topics Include:

  • Make Your Own Commercial
  • Musical Comedy Showcase
  • My Family-The TV Show
  • Mystery Theater–Who Done It?
  • Make a Public Service Announcement
  • Your Video Travel Log
  • Review Your Favorite Book or Film

In each children will develop their computer skills and comfort with targeted, meaningful tasks, children will brainstorm ideas and collaborate on how best to create their films, and they will share their work with classmates at the end.

The class promises to be social and fun and challenging, and, importantly, it will challenge them to think more critically about the media they consume…in this time when we are all inundated with more and more content.

For more information and to register, contact Jeff Edmond or email Ryan Zavala at