MINDBODY Registration and Information

The MINDBODY registration system is popular among many yoga, dance, and other wellness industry companies for the flexibility it offers.

Without maintaining a full technology department, a small yoga studio can harness the power of the internet.

We will continue to use the afterschool registration system for afterschool classes, but for camps and individual dance and yoga classes, we will have everyone register using the MINDBODY system.

You’ll create an account and select class from the calendars in the system. We are getting the bugs out, but users have already expressed how much they like the new system.

Getting Started with MINDBODY

An account with MINDBODY not only connects you with the full range of Arts and Athletics’ daytime classes and holiday camps, but also to exciting new classes and wellness services in your neighborhood.

Two of the log in screens you will encounter while registering for classes through MINDBODY.

Registering with MINDBODY is easy. To create your account, simply click the blue “Register” button in one of our new MINDBODY schedules, which will direct you to a page where you can register your account with an email address and password. This email will act as your MINDBODY username, and will allow you to check your current schedule and payment options, so be sure to use an email that you check often.

The blue registration button on our website’s schedules that will direct you to MINDBODY.

For families with multiple children it is most convenient to register each child with their own individual account using separate email addresses. When each has their own account, it is easier to track their individual schedules and schedule them separately for classes.

Once you are registered with a MINDBODY account you will be able to view all of Arts and Athletics’ off-site and daytime classes either online or through the MINDBODY app available for both iOS and Android. The MINDBODY app not only allows you to book classes with us conveniently through your phone, but it also send you notifications regarding your schedule, and connects you to other classes and services in you area.

To set up a MINDBODY account, fill out the form below: