After School Goes Outdoors!

We are excited to offer several new outdoor classes that will take place entirely outside in Central Park. Students will have the opportunity to explore the park, learn about the history, and of course have fun!

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Some of the classes we offer:
Bird Watching
Students will explore the birds of central park and learn to identify certain species. They will get to explore the park, draw, and learn about the wildlife living right here in the city.

Wilderness Survival
Students will learn basic wilderness survival skills such as a variety of knots, basic orienteering, first aid, and primitive skills.

Students will have the opportunity to prepare soil, plant seeds and tend to a garden while it grows! They will grow vegetables and flowers and be able to taste the fruits of their labor throughout the cycle. Gardening will include classes on food preservation and composting.

Students will each get a chance to learn the basics of orienteering using a map and compass. They will lead short hikes throughout the park and get a chance to create maps of their own.

Landscape Drawing
Students will learn to draw landscapes in central park. They will practice the basics of perspective, color theory, and composition.

Plant Life in Central Park
Students will learn to identify various trees and plants in central park as well as draw and label them in a workbook they will complete throughout the course.

Museum Milers
Students will combine running with visual arts- they will have the chance to jog through central park and visit various museums throughout the course including the Guggenheim and The Museum of Natural History