IMPORTANT REMINDERS: Register for Spring Cycle and Holiday Camps!

Registration is OPen for Spring Cycle 2019

For a full listing of classes by school, click on the link to your school above. The grid of classes online represents the most up-to-date set of offerings. We will backpack home a registration flyer which will highlight special program details and new classes, but it won’t include the grid of classes as it has in the past.

Chess camp was a hit with Mr. Marquez and Mr. Garcia at 88th Street. We’ll host another chess camp during mid-winter recess…see below for details…

Monday, February 18th – Friday, 22nd for Mid-Winter Recess

From Monday to Friday, February 18th to 22nd we’ll host chess camp from 9 am to 4 pm. It’s lots of fun and it can really help boost your game!


Afterschool 2018 – 2019:
Three cycles (Fall, Winter, Spring) & Summer Camp!

Summer: Mon 07/02/18 – Fri 08/17/18
Fall: Weds 9/12/18 – Fri 12/07/18
Winter: Mon 12/10/18 – Fri 03/15/19
Spring: Mon 03/18/19 – Fri 06/14/19

Our program will be closed every day that school is closed, including half days and snow days. Click here for NYC DoE 2918-2019 Calendar

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Arts and Athletics Afterschool Calendar

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Latest Photos & Videos

Summer at PS9

Every week the children produce a new show. Watch the performances from each week of camp – and more!

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Aligning course offering with the needs and desires of the community is an ongoing project. In some cases the challenge is to offer classes in afterschool that expand on the strengths of the school…an art class (with 80 minute blocks of time) can allow a child who is learning to draw, the time and quiet and support to take that interest further.

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We host “back to school night” every single day. Working parents who can’t pick their child up at 3 p.m. can pick them up at 5:40 p.m. This is actually a really big deal. Parents can meet and speak with other parents that they would never see otherwise.

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A number of our instructors are daytime teachers, paraprofessionals, or assistant teachers. Teaching in afterschool allows them to work in small groups with children who are interested in a specific topic.

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